Best Tracking software 22 | Tapfiliate Manage Your Own Affiliate Program

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Tapfiliate is an application that monitors all networks and helps your business create a diverse marketing plan to get new customers.

We try to explore some of the features that make our lives easier. An application that takes an active approach to our existing Problems or a service that everyone talks about.
And we think you should know about these apps. Today we will review this application with you and highlight its pros and cons, I hope you like it.

Quick Summary:

Program Name:       Tapfiliate

Author:                      Thomas Van

Category:                  Tracking software

Price:                         $89 (14-Day Trial)

Recommendation :  Highly recommended

Official Website:      Click Here To Visit

Tafiliate is a comprehensive performance referral network and affiliate marketing platform that enables businesses to monitor and optimize their approved relationships. Helps to track clicks, commission payments and sales for each affiliate.

Best Tracking software 22 Tapfiliate Manage Your Own Affiliate
This platform is designed from the ground up to make it easy to start marketing any size business (CPA, Affiliate). This enables you to earn commissions on sales by linking to affiliate on your website. It is currently headquartered in Amsterdam and to company was founded in 2014.

Tapfiliate Features

Here we cover their main points to evaluate whether this platform is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the main features of this platform.

Important of barding to Tapfiliate affiliate program

To make your business a professional organization your branding is very important. This service allows you to create branded sign-up pages for your affiliate program.
This platform enables you to create your own white-level affiliate program, Creating a complete structure of your logo, band colors, and your other commissions here.
You can manually customize the fields of the sign-up form and collect additional information about your partner referrers. Which is specific to your approved program.
Here’s how to customize your affiliate’s dashboards for your brand and be consistent on the inside so that your affiliate doesn’t make a mistake about looking at any company’s dashboard right now. affiliate referral links are even branded with your domain name.
You can create emails with your own followers with your business unique branding style.
Customize Sign-up Fields and Payouts
This includes specifying what the form will look like and the information you will collect. Supports six languages to help your global affiliates feel right.
These are:

• English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Dutch
• Portuguese

Track Affiliate Performance Anytime, Anywhere

You can tap into Tapfiliate’s powerful reporting capabilities on how your program works and quickly provide a review of your dashboards so you can make data-driven decisions about your performance marketing strategy.
Its filtering and segmentation potions help you test the performance of various authorized landing pages and communities. Even the smallest ones allow the heart to go down.
It notifies you all the time in real-time, when users click on the affiliate link, makes purchases, fill out subscriptions for the free trial or sign-up, fill out contact forms, and much more, so that you do not miss any important leads from your referrals.
For those who want to see their Traffic live platform, it is important to know how your program is performance in different browser environments. Because reporting happens in real-time you can evaluate the species as soon as the date arrives.

Manage Marketing Materials

It allows you to centralize all of your marketing and create the most flexible management tools, ensuring that each resource is available and easily accessible to your authorized partners.
You can upload banner ads, text links, text ads, other coupon codes, YouTube product fit and even tweets that your permissions can use for their own promotion.

Product Feed

Product feeds allow you to provide collaborators with information about your product service. So that in addition to relevant information about product features (such as product description, name, size, price ETC) customers can be actively updated about product availability.

Deep Links

This is a great way for affiliates to generate in-depth links to specific products and pages of the website instead of the homepage to send direct traffic to the product they are promoting. They allow you to redirect directly to the active page instead of just the homepage.

Create Customized Commission Structures

One of the most important parts of an affiliate marketing program is the commission structure, they must be attractive.

Tapfiliate offers a lot of flexibility in creating customized commissions and with Tapfiliate you can set commission rates for different activities. (CPA, Membership or revenue sharing for sales, etc) or create a custom structure like a hybrid commission.

1. Based on the fee structure
With a specific commission, the partners are paid a flat fee regardless of the cost of the sale, which allows you to easily set a fixed or percentage-based commission. It is very useful for making leads.
Percentage increase commissions (meaning affiliate receives a share of revenue) are great for those who can encourage new customers to increase their purchases or buy more expensive products or subscription plans.
2. Based on commission frequency
Recurring commission is great for subscription-based businesses, this system allows you to pay affiliates on a one-time or recurring basis. It encourages affiliates to deliver high-quality traffic and influences affiliate users/subscribers to continue their subscriptions for a longer period of time.
You can set a one-time fee for each new customer that brings an affiliate and increases their reliance on long-term l
3. Based on product or category
You can set commission based on a specific product or service for a standard payment to your referrers, Whether it is fixed or revenue sharing, you can combine any one of these commission structures.
Assign different affiliates to each affiliate to give your partners a chance to shine and encourage friendly competition between them. And there are options to pay bonuses for crossing certain milestones.
Through which you can build your affiliate career, Those who perform well can get better rates.
Similarly, you can give performance bonus based on sales volume and number of leave

Easy Integrations with Other Marketing Platforms

Joining Tapfiliate with other marketing platforms. Here you can easily import leads from your favorite mail service providers for example you can select traffic, and conversions and add tracking pixels to your website. Similarly you can get an accurate picture of how well your platform is performing.

Tapfiliate is covering you whether you are in any Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, WordPress, or Wix Because they have the most popular e-commerce platform and more than 30 direct integrations with SaaS services. You can also choose your favorite payment platform of you want, such as PayPal, Stripe, ChargePay, Pearl, and many more.

Pricing: Save 18% with an annual plan

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If these are not enough then you can add JavaScript code to the customer It is very easy to use their service without any specific technology or skills. Webinars are available as a guiding manual if you need any help.
But this is not the end: if you use Zapier you can connect this service with over 1500 business applications. Zapier’s This platform page lists dozens of pre-made zaps so you can automate your business workflow.

Customer Support

There is a knowledge-based section where you can find guides and tutorials for solving your problems. the guides are easy to follow.
Best Tracking software 22 | Tapfiliate Manage Your Own Affiliate
if you need more help, they have a support team around the clock to help you out via live chat or e-mail. Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Informs the process in a few minutes to a few hours. Depending on the urgency when the message is sent on a business day, the business will respond on the day after the weekend message is sent.

Handsfree Affiliate Onboarding

You don’t have to worry about manually adding new affiliates because you can invite partners to join via a custom sign-up page. Which is really convenient, especially for organizations with a large network of affiliates. Affiliates are will actively receive a message after signing up and also provide instructions on how they can start promoting your business.
How to check their stats after login and how affiliate dashboard works and many more will be given step-by-step run-through. The affiliate Dashboard is quite self explanatory so new affiliates will have no problem navigating through it and finding what they need.

Simple Affiliate Payment Process

While not automated, paying your affiliates for the commissions they earned can be done in a few easy steps:
1.Go to the Balances tab
2.Define the minimum balance required for an affiliate to receive payment
3.Select the date that commissions occurred (this means you will be paying commissions that occurred on or before your selected date)
4.Click on Settle all balances.
You will need to upload your payment processing (Such as PayPal) file to send the payment. They are will download the payment file in CSV file format.
If you want to verify that affiliate traffic is high quality then there is an option to approve manual commissions. This gives you more control over your affiliate program and helps you avoid any fraudulent activity

Getting Started with Tapfiliate

You can set up Your affiliate program with them in just a few hours. It is very easy to run and you can start your partner program the next day.

1. Sign Up

Sign-up for an affiliate account to use the 14-day free trial offer. So you can test their platform first before committing to any payment. You will be asked for your credit card information but it will not be charged right now.

You will be asked to name a subdomain that you will use under this platform. It’s important to note that using your business name is a must.
Best Tracking software 22 | Tapfiliate Manage Your Own Affiliate

2. Edit Affiliate Program Details

Go to the Settings tab and edit your affiliate program details — set custom commission rates, define cookie duration, create custom fields, make your sign-up page unique, and more. You can enable or disable certain features such as tracking pixels and email notifications here.
You can also change your affiliate portal’s language. The six supported languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish. The administrative portal is only available in English, though.

3. Create or Upload Assets

Create links and other marketing resources to promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Easily link to pages on your website by uploading images. You can add custom targeting rules to the banner so that your affiliates or listeners can only see relevant links to their location interests or other populations.

4. Add Affiliates

To add affiliates, share your customizable sign-up link with them through the affiliate app or directly. You can upload a bulk email list that allows you to automatically send an authorization invitation to people and their corresponding emails.

5. Manage Affiliate Activity

Now your affiliate program is launched. You can easily track the activity and performance of your affiliates from the reports. You can monitor those who have problems with fraudulent activity.

Tapfiliate Plans and Pricing

This service has two main plans you can choose from, and these are the Essential and the Pro Plans.

Essential Plan

Priced at $89 per month, this plan can accommodate up to 200,000 clicks per month with an overage fee of $0.45 per 1,000 clicks.
It includes all the basic features needed to run your affiliate program and manage affiliates, such as the following:
• 1,000 Affiliates (with an overage fee of $0.70 per affiliate)
• 75,000 conversions (also with an overage fee of $0.70 per conversion)
• Two team members
• Data Export Capability
• Advanced Affiliate Linking
• Multi-Currency & Language Support
• Real-Time Tracking (Clicks and Conversions)
• Dynamic Commission Rates & Rules

Pro Plan

Priced at $149 per month, this plan is ideal for companies with a large number of potential customers who are likely to generate more than 200,000 clicks every month.
The Pro Plan includes everything in Essential but with additional features like:
• Bonus incentives for affiliates
• Custom domain
• Custom affiliate onboarding Account limits are also increased to the following:
• Up to 500,000 clicks (with an overage of $0.35 per 1,000 clicks)
• 10,000 affiliates
• 25,000 conversions
The overage fee for affiliates and conversions is $0.60 per instance.
If you think you’ll be using the platform so much more than what is indicated in the Pro Plan, you can opt for the Enterprise Plan, which is available for custom pricing.

Final Thoughts on Tapfiliate

Overall, This platform is an excellent affiliate marketing platform because it has a wide range of features and integrations that connect it to other platforms. But it is also important to remember that not all affiliate marketing platforms are created equal. Some offer more features than others. some are more difficult to use and some simply activate the old process.

Tapfiliate Pros and Cons :

  • • The commission structure is highly customizable. Setting different commissions for affiliates, products, and/or tiers is easy.
  • • You can offer bonus incentives for hitting affiliate targets.
  • • Affiliates are automatically onboarded, so you don’t have to lift a finger in that regard.
  • • You can automate your workflows by integrating with Zapier or an automated marketing platform. 
  • • Tapfiliate works with all major eCommerce solutions.
  • • The ability to white-label your affiliate platform means you can create a seamless, branded experience for your brand ambassadors.
  • • You have access to powerful in-built reporting tools to help you easily track your top-performing campaigns and affiliates.
  • • Both you and your affiliates benefit from a clean and intuitive interface. 
  • • Many of Tapfiliate’s integrations rely on webhooks and Zapier, which means you still need a basic knowledge of API.

Tapfiliate FAQ

Last but not least, let’s round off this review by answering some of the frequently asked questions about Tapfiliate:

Tapfiliate allows you to import affiliates. The best time to do this is once you've set up and configured Tapfiliate to your liking and ensured all integrations work. You can then import affiliates via a CSV file containing your affiliates' first name, last name, and email. You can then send invitations to old affiliates to join your new program. Finally, affiliates that are already listed, thanks to the import, are auto-approved!
That said, you can’t import old conversion histories and other tracking data from previous platforms, so make sure to export these and save them for your own records.

Tapfiliate comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee on top of its 14-day free trial!
  If you’re still not convinced after using the software for a month, you can opt-out and get your money back.

Suppose you're working with affiliates from Europe. In that case, your software must comply with current data protection laws, including GDPR. Fortunately, Tapfiliate is fully GDPR compliant.

So how does Tapfilate work?

For vendors who want to offer their products or services on the internet, an affiliate network is ideal. Now, the affiliate program allows these affiliate marketers to see all of the products that are available in one spot. In a nutshell, an affiliate program links a marketer to a brand or companies that sell services or products.
While affiliates select products to promote to their target audience, it allows vendors or brands to save money on marketing by only paying a commission on what is sold.
This is a significantly better value than advertising on Google or Facebook, where businesses must pay per impression or click.